Famous Cornish Pasties

Here at Christ UMC, we are famous for our Redruth Cornish pasties, which we bake on site and sell three times a year.  Proceeds from pasty sales benefit ministries and missions of the church.  If you’ve never tried a cornish pasty, you definitely want to get an order in!

Would you like to come help us bake and learn the art of the pasty?  Let us know – we’d love to have you!

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Pasty Bake Information:

NEXT PASTY BAKE:  October 9-14, 2017


Place your orders by email to office@christumcmaplewood.org or by phone at 651-739-8875 – let us know how many PLATES of meat or vegatable pasties (at $11/plate of two pasties).  We will do our best to confirm your order.  If you don’t hear from us and want to confirm, we can be reached at 651-739-8875.  Thanks!

Pickup times for the October bake will be:

Wednesday, October 11 between NOON and 7pm

Thursday, October 12 between 9am and 4pm

and Friday, October 13 between 8:30am and NOON

We will deliver (to a reasonable distance) orders of 5 plates or more – let us know if you’re interested in delivery!

Email or call us to arrange an alternative time to pick up your order.


We make meat pasties and vegetable pasties.

Ingredients: beef (not ground), potatoes, carrots, onions, rutabagas, salt, pepper, beef powder, margarine, pie crust


If you’ve never had a pasty before, try serving with traditional favorites like jell0 and coleslaw, or sauce it up with gravy, ketchup, salsa, vinegar, or sour cream!

Pasties are $11/plate.  Each plate contains 2 pasties.

Pay for your pasties when you pick them up at the church or when they are delivered to you.